Mass Fleet Advisor:

  • Provides fleets with a detailed and personalized plan for electrification that will serve as the first step toward preparing your fleet for transition to electric vehicles.
  • Aims to support electrification planning by pairing businesses and nonprofits with a technical consultant who will work with you to analyze your fleet and prepare an electrification plan that is tailored to your business.
  • Does NOT require the purchase of any electric vehicles and does not provide any funding to fleets

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What our fleets are saying:

“The Mass Fleet Advisor team has been assisting us with our effort to electrify our fleet of 50+ vehicles since early 2022. The information they have provided to us, such as vehicle options, charging options, and potential rebate programs has been invaluable. As we move closer to transforming our fleet, we are confident we will be doing so with the most up to date information we could possibly have, thanks to this group.”
— Steve Senior, Director of Distribution and Services, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)

“I was amazed at the depth of information contained in the report. It covered vehicles, charging, and infrastructure. I had no idea there were so many EV trucks available! I’m looking forward to completing Phase 2.”
— Scott Norrie, President, Howe Lumber


Massachusetts is poised to be a national leader for electric truck success, with new policies and programs intended to boost the range and capabilities of zero-emission models available locally while putting the technology within reach for fleets of all types in the Commonwealth with purchase assistance and utility support. In December 2021, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection adopted California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule, which requires vehicle manufacturers selling trucks in Massachusetts to sell an increasing share of zero-emission models beginning in model year 2025. This sends a strong signal to truck producers that trucking in Massachusetts is moving away from diesel in the near term.

To make these all-electric trucks more affordable, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources provides purchase assistance through the MOR-EV Trucks program. MOR-EV Trucks provides incentives of up to $90,000 to help offset the higher purchase price of electric trucks and is currently accepting applications.

Understanding how electric trucks fit into your operations and making a plan to integrate them are the first steps towards preparing your fleet for the changes ahead. Enroll in Mass Fleet Advisor to begin this process and let us help you envision and implement your electric fleet future today.