Mass Fleet Advisor is a three-phase program. Spots are still open for Phase 1!

Phase 1: Up to 65 participating fleets will receive the following benefits:

  • Cost- and emissions-savings modeling
  • Guidance on collecting data needed to evaluate best options for your fleet
  • Virtual site assessment to help you understand infrastructure needs, electric service upgrades, and other technical and physical requirements at your location.
  • A Personalized Fleet Electrification Report that summarizes vehicle options, as well as providing a summary of projected costs, site infrastructure and support needs, and recommendations for next steps.
  • Below is an example Table of Contents from a Phase 1 report:

How to Enroll in Phase 1:

  • Confirm Eligibility
    • Are you a private, non-governmental fleet?
    • Does your fleet have at least three vehicles?
    • Does your fleet have at least one vehicle of class 2b-8?
    • Does your fleet have at least one domicile location in Massachusetts?
  • Sign up
  • Pre-participation phone call (15 minutes)
  • Sign Participation Agreement
  • Fill out the Fleet Intake Form
  • Receive your personalized electrification report in 4-6 weeks*

*Timeline can vary based on responsiveness of fleet and communication cycles required to obtain all necessary fleet information.

Phase 2: Up to 15 participating fleets will be selected for a more detailed analysis which includes:

  • A detailed Transformation Plan with sequencing recommendations for electric truck replacements
  • Analyses of cost-savings potential from use of managed charging technologies
  • In-person site assessment, with detailed infrastructure review and utility considerations
  • Customized zero-emission fleet and infrastructure procurement plan
  • A detailed Fleet Electrification Analysis, including procurement plan and next steps for fleet electrification

Phase 3: Up to 5 participating fleets will be selected for additional ongoing support to complete BEV truck procurement and deployment. These services may include:

  • Preparation and review of requests for proposal (RFP)
  • Identification of financing and grant opportunities
  • Driver and mechanic training to support deployments
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for drivers and mechanics

Watch our past webinar recordings to learn all the details of Mass Fleet Advisor: