Assisting Fleets

Mass Fleet Advisor is here to help fleets prepare and plan for a transition to zero emission trucks.  We offer free fleet assessment and guidance to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Up to 65 participating fleets will receive the following benefits:

  • Cost savings and emissions savings modeling
  • Guidance on collecting data needed to evaluate best options for your fleet
  • Virtual site assessment to help you understand infrastructure needs, electric service upgrades, and other technical and physical requirements at your location.
  • Personalized Fleet Electrification Report that summarizes vehicle options, summary of projected costs, site infrastructure and support needs and recommendations for next steps.

Up to 15 participating fleets will be selected for more detailed analysis that includes:

  • Detailed Transformation Plan with sequencing recommendations for electric truck replacements
  • Analyses of cost savings potential from use of managed charging technologies
  • In-person site assessment with detailed infrastructure review and utility considerations
  • Customized zero-emission fleet and infrastructure procurement plan
  • Detailed Fleet Electrification Analysis including procurement plan and next steps for fleet electrification

Up to 5 participating fleets will be selected for additional ongoing support to complete BEV truck procurement and deployment. These services may include:

  • Preparation and review of requests for proposals (RFP)
  • Identification of financing and grant opportunities
  • Driver and mechanic training to support deployments
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for drivers and mechanics